13 thoughts on “Can’t Login to Netgear Router?

  1. I have the correct IP of computer and router. They match. When I type in the IP, I just get a list of places which tell me how to continue AFTER I am in the router. I can’t seem to get TO the router page.

    All I wanted to do was secure the router. 🙂

  2. I cant log in to my router with different pc’s weird all was fine last week and nothing has changed. cant even get to the password log in just get redirected.

  3. for some reason my devices won’t connect to our wifi any longer.

    A pop up comes up that says “Another device on the network is using your computer’s IP address”
    and lists the address.

    How can I fix this and reconnect?

  4. I did everything you said, got the IP address, typed it to my URL and all I get is “waiting for (IP address)” then after a couple of minutes i get a blank page that asked me if I have the correct URL address (basically error and I don’t get the option to login in to my router)


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