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    1. I am adding an additional laptop computer to my current computer and need a security code for the WIFI connection. I am currently using an N600 Netgear 79. Can you help?

  1. How long does it take to get a response from submitting the email above? None of the options to pull up the dashboard are working,, the listed ip addresses. I need to change my password NOW. Is there an option to change the password over the phone with a representative?

  2. I just bought a netgear cable modem/router to use with timewarner internet 15mps and the speed is very slow. Timewarner support said I needed to contact the manufacturer to open more ports and channels, can you help?

  3. I just got a net gear modem for my Internet in my apartment. I plugged it in but I can’t find it on any of my WiFi options. Am I missing a step?

  4. Hi
    The Internet connection in our house is very poor in parts of the house and therefore bought The Netgear AC3200 WiFi router to boost the signal.
    This was recommended by SOMEONE.
    We already have some plug in the wall net gear extensions.

    Have I the correct equipment to boost the signal?
    How do I access it as I only have a Ipad?
    Kind Regards


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